Malmö Food Tours

Be guided by Malmös most foodie

Curious and hungry to experience Malmös sparkling food scene? Now you can – with a personal guided tour with one of Malmös most prominent foodies Pierre Orsander.

With a background consisting of eaten at more than 450+ restaurants in Malmö, starred in a TV-show about Malmös food scene and organizer of popular events in Malmö you have a chance of taking part in a unique food experience.

Southern of Swedens newspaper Sydsvenskan named Pierre ”Malmös most foodie”, and he has been featured in multiple newspapers about different food related projects he has executed over the last couple of years.




🧆 The Falafel Tour

Experience the dish that put Malmö on the global map.
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🥙 The Street Food Tour

Grab a bite from the best of that Malmös street food-scene has to offer.
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🍴 The Gastronomy Tour

Get a nugget of Malmös growing gastronomy-scene.
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🧵 The Tailored Tour

Get a tour tailored after your own request and wishes.
This can be a certain type of food, specific style of kitchen or something else.
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About the guide

Pierre Orsander is a freelance food-writer who over the last few years has put a mark on the Malmö food scene with his own tv-show, podcast, blog, events and Instagram covering the food scene of Malmö and the people behind it.

2017 he set a record in eating at 40 restaurants in 6,5 hours and has since been the brain behind local events Burgarnatten, Falafelfestivalen and FikAW as well international ones as International Falafel Award. Allt om Gastronomi Gastronomipodden Skitgott Allt om Burgare Falafelfestivalen International Falafel Award